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The Farmwife Cooks Meal Plan Information

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I wanted to write a quick post to give an explanation of how and what these meal plans are going to be and not going to be. I asked the people who follow the blogs Facebook page if they were interested in meal plans and I was blown away at the response. I started this blog to share recipes and a bit about farm life with whoever was interested and it is so fun to see our community grow.

I am going to do my best to make sure the meal plans offer a mix of recipes but I will not be able to accommodate special diets and allergy needs. While I can sympathize with how challenging that can be I only blog the food my family eats.

These posts will offer suggestions but I know that not everyone will like every meal idea or ingredient so if a meal isn’t for you just scroll past.

The majority of the meals featured will come from my blog, The Farmwife Cooks but I am lucky to have lots of in real life friends who also blog (and are GREAT cooks) so I will link to recipes from them occasionally.

What you can expect in the meal plan

I love fuss free meals that everyone in my family will eat so the majority of meals will be just like that. I use my crock pot all the time and am learning to love my Instant Pot but realize not everyone has one so those recipes will be able to be made in other ways.

I am not going to include a shopping list because not everyone will be making all the meals and I know there are enough farmers who follow the page who are like us and have freezers of meat so it doesn’t seem worth the additional work.

I welcome suggestions as long as they are helpful and not hurtful!

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