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The Blizzard of 1978

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If you have watched the weather in the last week or so you know the east coast has been pounded with snow and blizzard like conditions. About a month ago we were in the midst of a “blizzard.” We got around 9 inches of snow but the wind ended up being the problem and drifted our road shut. At one point 4 trucks were stuck! Men, they all kept thinking their trucks were bigger and tougher and they could pull the other one out and ended up getting themselves stuck! Our county was on emergency travel only…but you know boys and their toys!

I loved snow days as a child, making snowmen or playing cards with the family made the perfect winter day. But, believe it or not, cows don’t take snow days! They still need to be fed and milked.

My hubby was getting really nervous that he wouldn’t be able to get around the trucks to the farm. So, he  called one of the guys that works for us and he brought one of our bigger tractors and cleared the road. He also ended up having a slumber party with us a.k.a. he couldn’t get home. To top it off, it was his birthday!

My husband also wanted to get a picture of our little guy with the snow.

It was important for him to get a picture because his whole life he has heard stories about the blizzard of 1978. I am dating my husband here but he was only three weeks old during that blizzard. Of course during our recent blizzard we got to hear the story from my Father-in-law all over again! 
My Father-in-law lived just shy of a 1/2 mile from the farm and needed to make his way to the farm to check on everything. He had a new 78 Chevy 4 wheel drive (he could have just said a new pickup, remember boys and their toys!). He made it about half way to the farm when he hit a drift and was stuck. He walked the remainder of the way in snow drifts up to his rump, those of you who personally know him know he didn’t say rump, I had to clean it up! He isn’t the tallest man on the planet either! 
There were 60 mile per hour winds and it was all he could do to get to the farm. He said his eyebrows were frozen from the snow! He ended up staying at the farm for 2 full days. My Mother-in-law was snowed in at the house by herself with a newborn, a 15-month old and two older kids. Could you imagine…? 
So, do you have any good blizzard stories?


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  1. Which one little girl? We had about three in that three year stretch from 1977-1979. We were the only house on our road. I can’t remember, but I think it was the one from Jan of ’79 when I stayed at school, McCutcheon 🙂 (Liz is from the “other” county school), and I had NO CLUE of the weather conditions because McCutcheon has very few windows. We had practice for State Choir competition, and I finally walked past a bank of glass doors. WOW! I knew it was serious. I was almost stranded at school with a few other choir kids and the guys’ basketball team, but someone was going my way in a 4-wheel drive so I made it home. My brother had gone home on the bus, and Mom sent him out to the barn to get wood. He slipped and fell, banging his knee, so Mom saw our dog come back to the house without him and knew there was trouble. She went out to get him, Dad and I made it home about the same time, and we were totally grateful for our fire place, freezer full of beef and food, and all our canned goods (including powdered milk)because we were stuck at our house for 2+ weeks with fluctuating power! Crazy times. Played a lot of euchre, put together a lot of puzzles, and had some awesome snow forts carved and dug into the EIGHT-TEN foot drifts in the barn lot! We watched huge trucks with V-shaped plows try to bust the drifts on our N/S connecting road, but it took them days to get to us as the upper crust of snow would dry out, then the winds would blow that snow back into the roads and drift them shut. There were also many layers of ice in the drifts because of thawing and re-freezing. Those were the days 😉 Yes, I still have a box of powdered milk in the pantry and two kerosene lamps….some lessons are learned and remembered forever!

  2. When I was growing up we lived in an old, cold farmhouse in Wisconsin. During a snowstorm the order of the day was baking which kept us busy, warmed the kitchen and made for pretty darned good treats. I think we only made donuts during snowstorms since I don’t recall having them any other time 🙂