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2 Maids a Baking

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I had a recipe ready to go. But between a hospital tour last night and Dr’s appointment this morning, I ran out of time!

I even have proof..that’s Raspberry Ribbon Pie… it is some tasty stuff!

Come back soon for the recipe! 

In other news. I have turned it to the biggest klutz… I manage to spill something almost everyday! Apparently that comes with being pregnant?!

Well I can wait to see what you over achievers (hehe) have been up to!

Link your recipes below!


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  1. Hey I wasn’t finished! I’m with Ms. Cranberry… LOVE Raspberry anything! can’t wait for the recipe! There, now my crazy finger can hit Enter!

  2. You just have a bigger target to hit and are not used to making turns with a baby in front of you. Hang in there and smile. Messes will be a part of your life for a while now! 😉 I’m with