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How to Make a Fake Bread Loaf

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I had the opportunity last week to make 24 FAKE loaves of bread! It may sound strange but it turned out to be really fun and a great project to involve my kiddos with!

The story behind the fake bread loaves – our church had a fire last fall in the children’s wing and thankfully nobody was hurt, but the entire wing had to be shut down for a few months and overhauled. In this process, the rooms were painted, upgraded and ‘themed’. So, we needed some fake loaves of bread for the market! These are actually quite expensive to purchase, so our Children’s Director found a recipe online to make fake bread loaves and I got the chance to make them!

Check them out:

Don’t they look real???!! They are so simple to make and you already have the ingredients in your kitchen.
Recipe for fake bread loaves
4 C. of flour
1 C.salt
2 C. water
Stir and shape into loaves with hands
Cut a slit in the top
Bake at 300 for at least an hour
*In order to get them to ‘brown’ properly, we brushed melted butter on them!
Once they are cooled, you can shellack them and even add sesame seeds to make them look more real.
I watched so many people pick them up, smell them, look them over, and tap them on their fist (they get hard as a rock) this past Sunday at church! They couldn’t believe that we had actually made them!!
I can see this being a GREAT project for your child’s play kitchen or even for table decorations!
What have you baked lately?
Can’t wait to see!!
Link your recipes below!!

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  1. You can also buy discounted bread and rolls. Put in 200 degree oven for 4 hours, till all dried out. Spray with clear gloss shellac.

  2. Would this work if I wanted to cut a loaf in two. I have been looking for a sliced loaf for my Easter decor–representing the loaf that Jesus broke at the Last Supper.

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe I run a Theatre Department at a middle school. And we were doing Disney’s Aladdin. We needed to have some realistic-looking bread for Aladdin to steal in the marketplace.

    I had the same trouble with the Browning I baked them for one hour then butter them with melted butter and cooked them for another 25 minutes. make sure you spray the aluminum foil that you put them on with Pam or some sort of spray so they don’t stick.

    Thank you again for this recipe.

  4. I have no recipe to share but a HUGE THANK YOU!!! I am starting to get together, and sometimes make, all the materials the teachers need for our 2s and 3s Sunday school class and children’s church afterward. This week the story is shepherd David obeying/helping his father by taking food to his brothers in the Israelite army. The suggestion for making loaves of bread was to stuff with paper or ? … 15 cut-off, used and clean nylon stocking legs. I went looking on Pinterest, not thinking I wd really find a good alternative, but alas GOD is so good to bring me to your article! They look like they will be perfect! I am very happy to have to buy flour even tho I don’t eat wheat flour any longer! I’m grateful others have creative minds … and grateful for Pinterest.

  5. Are they supposed to rise like bread or do you have to make it look like a risen loaf first? The fry bread looked good but the loaf was flat.

  6. How long do they last? Like do they go bad over time? Cause I would love to make some for our churches Living Nativity if they lasted a long time…

  7. Is the flour used All Purpose or Self Rising? Just wondering if it makes a difference… I have some in the oven now… used All Purpose…

    1. Don’t use self rise…you don’t want the yeast. I made them but needed more flour than the recipe said..it was too gooey…then I used the broiler to brown them. DONT PUT THEM IN PLASTIC BAG TO STORE! they will mush up and get soft..keep them out in the air to harden and stiff. I wouldn’t make for kids though…they are very hard and heavy.

  8. The breads browned beautifully for me, but I did it this way. I cooked the bread at 300* for 45 minutes. Took it out and brushed melted butter and added any seeds to make the breads look different. Baked them for another 45 minutes. Took them out and sprayed with clear lacquer spread. They looked just like the real things.

  9. I made these for my children’s sabbath school. They turned out ok. I brushed butter on them but they still didn’t brown very much. And make sure to grease your pan you cook them on otherwise they stick badly. Are they supposed to be hard coming out of the oven or do they harden over time?

    1. That is an interesting question… I would think it would hold up better than regular bread because it has less moisture… If you try it let us know how it works!!