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2 New Twists on Old Favorites: The Burger and the Dog

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There were some creative chefs cooking up so new favorites at the farm this fall season.

Here are two new twists on some American favorites.

Meet the Burger Grilled Cheese. Yes, folks that is a burger tucked neatly inside a yummy grilled cheese.

You can enjoy one of these by simply taking a cooked burger and placing it between two slices of cheese, butter your bread and toast on each side. 
I enjoyed mine with a little ketchup!

Next up meet the Nacho Dog! I’m not a big chili dog fan i’m really not a hot dog fan at all but this combination is the perfect way to eat a dog in my opinion!!
Just take some nacho cheese and pour over your hot dog. Simple as that!! 
I actually also put ketchup on my nacho dog… I’m not sure what that says about me but apparently I love my condiments!! 

What are your favorite ways to enjoy a burger or dog?


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  1. seriously that burger grilled cheese looks the freakin bomb.com! nom nom nom i would tear that sandwich up!
    stopping by from kelly’s korner.

  2. Is there anything nacho cheese can’t fix? ha The burger in the grilled cheese reminds me of a patty melt which is one of my all-time fave sandwiches!