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A New Chapter – The 4-H Years!

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As we celebrate National Ag Day today, I couldn’t be more proud than to watch our little Miss Bug begin a new chapter in her life! AND in ours (as parents!) She has become a 4-H member! This is a year that I have been anxiously awaiting – well, for almost 9 years now!

I LOVE the 4-H Youth program more than any youth organization in the world! My hub and I were both 10-year members. I grew up in a strong 4-H family – our ‘family’ time typically revolved around some type of 4-H activity. Not only was I a 10-year member, I was also a county 4-H Intern, a State 4-H Intern, a 4-H Youth Extension Educator (for those of you not familiar – I worked for 4-H), and now I serve as a 4-H volunteer. Even though I feel like I have held almost every 4-H position possible — now I get to be a 4-H MOM!!!

So, Miss Bug will begin her own 4-H experiences this year. She has signed up to take projects in Sewing, Arts/Crafts, Cake Decorating, Fashion Revue and in showing Dairy cattle! This 7th generation future dairy farmer has been working with the 4-H Dairy Judging team since January, helped her daddy build a small barn out back for her calves, and has picked out a couple of heifers to take to this year’s county fair. Here’s a look:

Stay tuned for many more pictures of the kids and calves and this New Chapter in our lives!


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  1. 4-H definately had a positive affect on me and gave me soooo many great memories … I was a proud kid with a blue ribbon on a skirt project at the IN State Fair in the early 60s. I still have my ribbons and letter of congratulations, apparently they also awarded me with a check for $3.00 … sure wish I had a copy of that 🙂 Blessings as you make new memories with your family ! E