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SUPER week in Indy!

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I am SOOO proud to be a Hoosier and what a great week last one was! The Superbowl festivities were a blast! The city (and state for that matter) pulled off a tremendous party and it was an honor to be a part of it!!

Although I didn’t get to do the zipline, I did get to participate in The Today Show – which I have always wanted to do!!! Even though it wasn’t NYC, it was awesome! Jenna Wolfe was really great and so genuine when she talked about Hoosier Hospitality!

Here are some of my memories from the week!

 4:30 AM – the morning of The Today Show

 Look closely and you’ll see the rain just pouring down on us! It was SOOO cold and wet!

This was directly before she ran in to pull up her hair and throw a hat on!!


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