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Chicken and Dumplings

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This is a farmer favorite around our house and it’s a lot quicker than you might think. Start by rinsing your bird. This is a two hand process hence no picture!!
Pop open a beer, take a sip if you need to, and pour the rest down the inside of the bird. Oh yeah, if there are any miscellaneous parts remove them!!

Take a spoon full of minced garlic and rub it on the inside of the bird.

Channel your inner Rachel Ray and pour on some EVOO, take a sip if you need too, haha j/k. Well I guess you could…

Season up the top of your bird. I used some season salt, rosemary and pepper. So, you could bake this bird in any different kind of dish. But, since I am a busy bee I use my Pampered Chef deep covered baking dish and pop it in the microwave for 30 minutes. Yes, I said microwave and yes I said 30 minutes. That is what sold me on the deep covered baker.

While the bird is cooking heat up a can of chicken broth and a can of water.

Toss in a bag of dumplings or noodles and add broth or water if needed.

Add a tablespoon of my secret ingredient, Amish chicken base.

Take the chicken out of the microwave and smell the yummy goodness! I usually leave the breast meat for another meal and remove the meat from the rest of the bird and toss it into your dumplings. Snack accordingly.

Serve up with some mashed potatoes and something green and dinner is served!!

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  1. Love that you’re using (and loving!) your Pampered Chef DCB!! It’s a handy item to have for busy families!! 🙂

    Team Leader,
    The Pampered Chef

  2. If you don’t have frozen dumplings or noodles, you can take a can of premade biscuit dough, cut them into smaller pieces, and toss them in the pot. Let them boil in the chicken stock until they float, and voila! It’s delicious!