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Easter Traditions

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I normally bring the cake or cupcakes to most family gatherings including Easter. Last year I decided to be a little sneaky! We had just found out we were having a little boy and I decided to reveal the gender via a cupcake!

I whipped up some blue buttercream frosting and filled some cupcakes.
I then finished icing the cupcakes and added some sprinkles in multiple colors to throw everyone off!

The best part was I didn’t tell anyone what was going on! For those of you that personally know me you know I am not good at keeping a secret. So, the whole dinner I was giggling to myself waiting for the first person to grab dessert! I am pretty sure Amy (my sis-in-law and blogging partner) even asked me what was up and I tried to play it cool, so unsuccessful that my husband kept giving me the eye! I even had my camera on my lap so I could catch reactions! Needless to say everyone was really confused until they saw blue!

While I can assure you we don’t have anything nearly as exciting planned for this year we have a lot of fun things and traditions to look forward to including, Easter crafts, Easter story cookies and egg hunts!

What is your favorite Easter tradition?

A big thanks to Hershey’s for the basket filled with all of my favorite Hershey Easter Candy!


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