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Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party

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A few weeks ago, I was talking to Miss Bug about her upcoming 9th Birthday (ugh!) and she had been thinking about a “Little House” or a pioneer themed party. I was surprised by this idea but absolutely loved all of the possibilities! She read the entire Little House series last year and we rent the TV series from the library quite often – so we talked it over and thought why not?!



She LOVES to sew and to craft, so we decided to make this the theme of the party! We looked through some books and made a visit to Conner Prairie and came up with some really fun ideas. She definitely wanted to create a Mercantile for the kids to ‘shop’ at! She helped me sew satchels for each one of them and she made the prices so that everyone would be able to purchase one of everything! They each started with $.10. The funny part (and probably not want we anticipated) was that throughout the party, the kids were running around asking adults for pennies so they could ‘shop’ for more things! It turned in to quite the hit and the kids just loved being able to buy special things!


In order to save some money, my girls wore dresses or skirts that they already had, but we did purchase bonnets for them and I made them each an apron. We also made pennants to decorate with and LOTS of cornbread and lemonade for snacks!

Little Man and his cousin! Doesn’t she remind you of Carrie?!

I had big plans for a ‘quilted’ cake but Miss Bug quickly reminded me that the cake would’ve been much simpler back then – so we decided just to ice it and add a few blueberries to the top!


Another big hit was making the rag dolls and bead necklaces. In the books, Laura Ingalls loved to play with her rag doll. Her older sister, Mary, would sew her dresses for her doll for her birthday. I found a no-sew pattern for a rag doll and we decided that this could be a quick and easy craft for the kids but lots of fun! Laura also like to hunt for Indian beads and would make beautiful necklaces out of them so, we had beads for sell in our Mercantile and the kids could make necklaces or bracelets!


When visiting Conner Prairie, we found copies of the McGuffey reader and speller – the SAME books that Laura would’ve used in school! We wrapped them in a brown sack and gave them to Miss Bug before the party. Needless to say – she LOVED them and has already spent hours reading them!!

To top off the party, we downloaded some fiddle music along with the theme song from “Little House on the Prairie.” This was so much fun! Simple, home-made and certainly affordable! The best part came at the end of the day when Miss Bug gave me a big hug and told me it was her best birthday party ever!!!

Happy 9th Birthday to our ‘half-pint’ Miss Bug!!


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  1. The picture of the birthday girl on Pinterest caught my eye immediately. The bonnet & the book piqued my interest, because I love all the books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love the theme of the birthday party! I hope when my 2 year old granddaughter is older she will have a Little House b-day party.