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Gooseberry Patch Campfire Classics – 2 Maids a Baking Linky

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I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend!! Mine was great and filled with camping, eating and spending time with family and friends!

Thanks again for all of you who voted on which Gooseberry Patch cookbook we are going to cook from!! Homemade Harvest was the winner and while I was thumbing through the pages I noticed a chapter on Campfire Classics!!

It was perfect timing since I knew I would be camping this past weekend!! While these recipes aren’t technically baked they are what I would call campfire baked… Okay so it’s a little bit of a stretch… but these were great and I will make it up to you and have a great baked recipe next week!!
Like any great meal we are going to start with a couple recipes we whipped up for dessert!
First off, Valerie’s Dessert Burritos!! Valerie knows what she is doing in the dessert burrito department! Everyone loved these!!
Start by spreading some butter or spray butter on separate foil sheets.
Place a tortilla on the foil

Divide marshmallows, pineapple and coconut down the center of each tortilla.

Fold bottom third of each tortilla over filling, fold one side in toward center and then fold the top over.
Fold and seal edges of foil around tortillas 

bake on a campfire grate over medium coals for 7 to 10 minutes. Makes 4 servings.
We also made some Fireside Banana Splits that were also simple and perfectly yummy for camping!
Lightly spray 4 sheets of aluminum foil with non-stick spray or brush with butter.
 Slice each banana peel lengthwise, while also slicing the banana inside.

Carefully open banana wide enough to sprinkle desired amount of marshmallows

and chocolate chips inside.

Wrap filled bananas in aluminum foil.

Place on an outdoor grill over high heat, or directly in the coals of a campfire. Leave over heat long enough to melt chips and marshmallows, about 5 minutes.

To serve, carefully unwrap foil and pull peels apart. Makes 6 servings.

So, what have you been baking lately? Link it up below!! 


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  1. YUM! Although Steve just came in and saw the pic of the banana in the foil, and said, “What the ‘heck’ is that!?!?!” Farmers are sometimes a bit short in the imagination department! 😉 I made three GP recipes, but now I need to blog about them! Hope this coming week is a bit slower than the last one. I need some down time before our fair starts, July 21-25. So need some lazy summer days, but I’m not sure if there is such a thing any more!