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A Sparkling Birthday Party!

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It’s March Madness time!!! Not so much basketball but birthdays! See, in our family – we have birthdays on March 18, two on the 19th, 22, 23, and two on the 24th! Crazy – huh?!?!?

So, Miss Bug and I celebrated our birthdays last week! I was content NOT to celebrate but she on the other hand was SO excited all week and thrilled to death when her big day came!

See, 8 years ago I went into labor on March 21 – my birthday came and went on March 22 – and she decided to make her grand entry at 12:43 AM on March 23!! That was definitely a birthday that I will never forget!!! We always laugh that she just had to have her ‘own’ day!

Anyway – she had requested a SPARKLE Birthday Party this year! So, we put together sparkles, jewels, rhinestones, sequins and glitter and we had ourselves a Sparkling Birthday Party!

She had a fun party with a few friends and another one with her family and cousins! So, needless to say – we partied all weekend!!

She asked for a canopy for her bed this year. I lead her to believe that it wasn’t possible since the girls have bunk beds BUT I went ahead and made her one and completely suprised her!

 Here we are crafting with friends! I’m still cleaning paint and GLITTER out of my rug!

And, her special birthday meal – PANCAKES! My kiddos get to choose their birthday meal and she loves pancakes – so we have plain, blueberry and chocolate chip! Check out these stacks!!


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