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Gramps turned 90 years old!

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Last weekend we celebrated my Grandpa’s 90th birthday! Can you imagine – 90 years old?!? This is the conversation I have been having a lot lately with my kiddos – 90 years is a long time!

Here he is – 90 birthdays later…


Gramps is doing great for 90 years – he is ornery and can’t hear a thing BUT he still gets out and about every day! He loves to read and really enjoyed the cards that each of the kids made him. We went back and found information about 1923 and had so much fun sharing – he especially liked to tell the kiddos about the days back then!

For Example:

In 1923, a loaf of bread was $.09. It is $2.45 today! A gallon of gas was $.18 and $3.50 today. A gallon of milk was $.56 in 1923 and $4.09 in 2013. All in all, we agreed that food prices have not gone up that much in 90 years – especially considering inflation and the costs of some other goods.

How about a first class stamp going from $.02 to $.45 and a newspaper from $.05 to $5.00! Probably the largest change we saw was a movie ticket – it cost $.15 in 1923 and $8.00 (at least) in 2013!

I can’t help but think about all of the things that he has seen in his lifetime – really amazing! So, here’s to my Gramps and his 90 years!!


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