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March is Agriculture Appreciation Month

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While our nation will be celebrating National Agriculture Day on March 19th, our state and local counties and communities will be celebrating agriculture this entire month!

What a great time of year to celebrate Ag – the weather will be getting warmer soon, the days will be getting longer, and hopefully we will all start to smell fresh tilled soil (one of my favorites!) this month!  While we have calves born at our farm every day – there is still something about springtime and baby calves! They often get a little ‘frisky’ and tend to jump and kick in the sunshine! AND with the onset of Easter weekend – it’s baby chick time! We always make a trip to see them when it’s Chick Days at our local TSC or Rural King! Keep in mind that our Little Man is obsessed with chickens and ducks!

So in celebration of March and Agriculture Appreciation Month – I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos taken around our farm!






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  1. I love all the photos! I am curious from what vantage point you took the third photo. Were you in a plane? I love it. And I always like farmers with kids. Thanks for sharing!