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You Might be a Redneck if…

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Never in my life have I considered myself a Redneck.

I work in the “big city,” like fine wine and LOVE shopping!

I never had a mullet, which is not true for my sister. But that is another story for another day!

I do admit that I love country music, I have been (and love going) to my share of Nascar races and am not afraid to work hard and get dirty on the farm.

A couple weeks ago I came home to find our golf cart up on blocks… at least it was in the garage and not in the driveway!

Just look at the golf cart and not my dirty garage… now your looking aren’t you!?! 

I asked hubby, “what’s going on?”

He then preceded to tell me that he was putting a lift kit on the golf cart…. I don’t know about you but that was on my priority list, not!!   

You see this is what happens this time of year when farmers can’t get in the field to plant. They start working on “their projects.” 

My hunny then told me that since I was pregnant the lift kit would make it easier for me to get in and out of the golf cart…. nice try!! lol! 

So, there you have it folks!! You might be a Redneck if you come home to your husband putting a lift kit on your golf cart!! ; )

The hubs would be upset if I didn’t tell you that it works great with this little trailer we got off my dad!! 


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  1. This post made me smile. I think we all can think of things our family has done that makes us do just this, smile.

  2. This is awesome – I want to be a redneck will Russ put a lift kit on my Gator???? Last year when it got too wet to plant for an extended amount of time Chris and I started watching this Austrailian show about a cattle ranch – went shopping for Aussie hats and started using Austrailian accents for the whole spring – at least you got something useful!!!!!