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Blessing in Disguise

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As many of you know, it has been severely dry here in Indiana. Our entire state is way below average precipitation levels and for us here in the central part – our last measurable rain was back in May! The corn is drying up, the yards are completely brown and the gardens are only hanging on with regular daily watering. So, for the past month, our prayer (like most of the midwest) has been for some rain. My girls even mention it quite often in their nightly prayers!

Well, our blessing in disguise came 2 nights ago. A ‘downburst’ thunderstorm hit our farm and traveled straight East for a few miles. It was the strangest thing ever seen. The storm chasers reported up to 70 mph winds and extremely heavy rain. Power outages, trees down, property damage – in fact – our neighbor lost an entire barn. BUT everyone was okay! Nobody was hurt and our little part of the world got a 2.5″ rain!!

Here are some photos from the other Maid’s house:

Here comes the clean up crew!

As we clean up the trees and fix the barns, we are truly grateful for the rain and for our safety!


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  1. Glad to hear everyone is safe. We are a small dairy farm in Mooresville and still awaiting rain!

  2. well i would take the rain and getting close to taking damage to get a rain got an inch at our house last monday where we farm 5 miles west of Clarksville May 28 last rain got a tenth there monday not looking pretty. your corn looks deader than ours though had some go down Monday here as well and it just keeps getting worse each day. harvest will be here very soon way it looks

  3. I love the pictures of your clean-up crew! So thankful God is faithful in protecting His children!
    It was great to see you all!

  4. Oh wow! Glad you got the rain but sorry it had to come with all the damage! We got our first rain a few days back too, only about an inch, but it helps!

  5. Yeah, it was a bit surreal to get the phone call of “Just in case you see your Grandpa’s farm on the news, he’s okay…” (He is the neighbor who lost the barn). Sorry to hear your farm got hit a bit too. The rain was very welcome relief though. I live a couple hours south of Whiteland now, and we finally got a decent shower on Sunday.

  6. Sound glad everyone is safe and you finally got some rain on your farm. But the damage is tough already from the drought. Hang in there. It was so much fun to visit in June! Thank you for hosting us! Take care.
    Katie in ND