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Dairy Farm FAQ

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Why are their eyes so big?

Are all of them girls?

Where does the milk come out?
Why aren’t they moo-ing?

What are they chewing?
These are just a few of the questions that I get asked on a daily basis!

I LOVE giving farm tours! I really do. It is a passion of mine and I can’t tell you how excited I get when I see a bus full of screaming kids pull in to our drive. Although many of them might be screaming because they see a cow or a cat or maybe because it smells funny; it doesn’t matter to me. I believe that they are screaming because they are excited to be out of school, I mean – on a farm!!

So, in honor of the thousands of kids that visit our farm each year, I am going to write an on-going series about Dairy Farm FAQ’s. Here are just a few of the great questions that I get on nearly every farm tour that I give…

FAQ #1= Are they all girls?

My answer is Yes – for the most part! All cows are females and only the females can produce milk. So, the cows that you would see getting milked on any dairy farm are girls! Now, we do have a couple of bulls (males) on our farm and I will definitely get to that in another FAQ!!

FAQ #2 = Do they have to have a baby before they can make milk?

My answer is you bet! A cow cannot produce milk until she’s given birth to a calf. It generally takes about 2 years from the time a heifer (young female) is born until she will be having her first calf. After calving (giving birth), her hormones will kick in and voila – let the moo juice flow!!

FAQ #3 = Does it hurt the cows when you milk them?

My answer is not one bit! You will notice that cows on a dairy farm know when it’s time to be milked. They are generally ready and waiting! Our girls are eager to come in to the milking parlor because by milking them, we relieve the pressure that builds up in their udders.

What is their udder you say (or under as my little man says!) – stayed tuned for the next round of FAQ’s.


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  1. I love sharing the wonders of dairy! We often compare the milking sensation to sticking your finger inside of a vacuum cleaner, as most school children can relate. That helps curb most of the “painful” fears, and gets a few giggles, too! For the moms who have dealt with a breast pump, they’re usually amazed to learn how similar the experience really is. Looking forward to more!

  2. My parents have always had cows but not for milking. I have always wondered what fresh warm milk straight from the source tastes like. Do you ever drink it?