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Here a spot, there a spot

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 everywhere a spot, spot!!!

Did you know that Holstein cows all look different?? It’s true! Although they are generally black and white – they are so cool because their spot patterns will always be different! (I tell the kids on my farm tours that their spots are like our finger prints or even like snow flakes – they are all different!)

I was out walking through the farm the other day and grabbed my camera so that I could show you what I mean…

Take a look at these girls:

Some have little spots,
Some have big spots,

And some don’t have hardly any spots!
Some have funky spots that look like things – any thoughts?!?! (Give me an “F”!)
And some – aren’t Holsteins – oops!!! (How did she sneak in there?!)
Even the babies look different:
And, my personal favorite – their noses have different spot patterns!!

Ugh, I guess she wasn’t ready yet!
Are you seeing spots now? We do every day!!

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  1. I grew up on a beef cattle ranch and currently ranch with my husband and his folks. My Mom and Dad have kept individual production records forever. My husband and I also keep records. It is really neat to got back and find trends. For example, some cows raise replacement heifers consistently.

    @ Cranberry Morning
    Did your Dad learn anything from all the spot records? I bet his records are fascinating to look through.

  2. I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. I remember my dad kept records of every single spot on every cow! He had a large pad of template photos of an outline of a cow, and for every cow he had drawn in every single spot it had. We had a herd of Holsteins, but I always liked the Jerseys.