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Mac and Cheese #2

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If you remember back a couple of weeks ago, I posted about my quest to find the best Mac and Cheese – one of my favorite foods!

So, here we go – this is a super simple recipe that only calls for 5 ingredients. It’s easy to make, tastes great and this is MY family mac and cheese! It doesn’t matter who makes it for family dinners – my mom, SIL or I – we always make it this way!!

Just a few simple steps:
1) Boil macaroni, drain and put into casserole dish

 2) While it’s boiling, chunk up your cheese – although you can choose any kind, we always use COLBY!

 3) Add milk to your cooked macaroni. No measurement here – just until it comes up maybe 1/3 of way from bottom. You can look at the side of dish to measure!

4) Add salt and pepper and stir it around a little.

5) Add your cheese chunks – mix them in. I usually poke some down to the bottom and the sides.

6) Bake at 350 for 45 minutes covered with foil and then 15 more minutes without the foil to brown the top! Enjoy!

My Little Man saying ‘cheese’ for Mac and Cheese! This recipe gets great scores for being easy to make, simple ingredients and tastes great. Although I really like this mac and cheese and was raised on it – I’m still working on that one that is out of this world! Stay tuned!!

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  1. I just submitted an entry…thanks for hosting. 🙂 Come on over and join my Farm Photo Friday {that I just posted on Saturday…yeah a day late. 😉 } Have a great day!!

  2. I pretty much make my mac and cheese the same way except only 3 ingredients. I boil the macaroni, drain, pour my low fat milk in the pan and get it hot then put the macaroni in the milk. I start putting in slices of regular american cheese. Stir until well melted. It does take lots of cheese, but that is how my crew like it. I have made as much as enough using 50 slices of cheese. It was a big bowl and very cheesey. I always have to make it for all get togethers.

  3. Hi Amy
    It’s been ages since I’ve eaten Mac & cheese, and your post definitely make me want to eat it again – it looks goooooooood!

    I’ve linked up my Brioche Cinnamon Rolls” and my “Cherry Coffee Cake”
    thanks for hosting this party