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Love for Leontien

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Dear Friends,

My friend and fellow Indiana Dairy Farmer got some bad news.

Her cancer is back.

She is an amazing and wonderful person. We can’t stop laughing when we are together.

She makes shopping a lot of fun!!

She makes dancing a lot of fun!! We might have even done the polka at my wedding…

She came to America from Holland to pursue her American dream, to own a dairy farm in the United States.

She was diagnosed with Melanoma within a couple years of being here.

She battled round one and is in warrior mode once again.

We all know what cancer can do to a body, mind and spirit.

So, I ask that you help us give Leontien a day to remember. A “Love for Leontien” day. Filled with hope, love and encouragement!!

Please help us as we show her some love today!!

You can find her at her blog: Four Leaf Clover Tales.

Some of my favorite posts are where she talks about wearing or not wearing the appropriate undergarment… I don’t say that “P” word….. you know undies….

You can also join us on Facebook at Love for Leontien

Thanks for your help!!!!


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  1. ohhhh we all know the “P” word! haha

    Thank you soooooooo much dear friend! And you know your phone calls ALWAYS make me a LOT stronger… which is a GOOD thing!

    Big hugs from Chicago
    (yes i hyjacked a computer and not giving it back…hehe)


  2. My prayers are with her. My husband was diagnosed with Melanoma a few years ago, had surgery to remove it and now is cancer free. However the doctor already told us that he has more than a 50% chance of it returning 🙁 It’s heartbreaking and scary!